Thursday, October 20

Guess What?

I am so excited!  I started reading blogs just about three years ago, when I made the leap to quit my job and stay home with the Peanut full time.  My dear friend, Sarah, told me about a blog that she read and how this gal fed her family of six on $60 a week!

I was all about learning anything and everything I could to make our transition to living on one income a reality, so I started reading her blog.  Then I found another blog and another blog and another blog, and well, the rest is blog history, I guess.  All that to say, Gayle has allowed me the opportunity to guest post on her blog while she is away on vacation.  So go ahead and click over.

You know you want to.

1 comment:

Pounds4Pennies said...

Now a follower from the Grocery Cart Challenge. I will be featured tomorrow. I am very excited too. Congrats to being a guest Blogger.


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