Sunday, October 2

Menu Plan Monday

Today is a big day.  We get to go pick up our hog today in two weeks.  (Update:  We don't get to pick it up just yet.  I guess "the smoke" (bacon, hams) isn't done yet.  Hmmph.)  Well, our hog in the form of nice, little, white butcher paper packages.  Honestly, that's the way I prefer to think about the meat I eat.  In nice, little, white, butcher paper packages.  If I don't, I don't know how much longer I would eat meat.

I prefer to be desensitized like that.

Anywho, the ranch where we got our beef from this year (as well as last) made in error in our meat reservation this spring and didn't order the proper amount of beef.  When the rancher and I figured out his error, he already had sold out of beef, so we didn't have a way to order any more beef.  Enter in more pork.  We'll be getting a fair amount of pork today (three quarters of a hog!), so I am excited.  Now, if they could just create a hog that only has bacon cuts on it.

Oh, how I kid.

Sort of.  

All that to say, we'll be eating lots more pork around these parts you'll be seeing more pork recipes in the next year.  And also on the agenda for this week, Hubs parents get here on Tuesday for a visit, so we are excited to have some visitors!  For this week,

Sunday-Chicken Parmesan, mashed potatoes, green salad with blue cheese dressing

Monday-Cobb salads and focaccia bread

Tuesday-Out for dinner at Hub's restaurant

Wednesday-Chicken Pot Pie with a cheddar crust (doesn't that sound aaaah-mazing?), green salad

Thursday-Pork and Black Bean Chili

Friday-Italian Sausage Pizza, green salad


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Anonymous said...

OOH! A hog! How terribly exciting! We eat a lot of pork here. Probably half of all the meat we eat is pork... Tenderloin is the best and you'll get lots of that, I hope.

Beautiful blog and I really like the style of your writing.

(visiting from MPM)


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