Wednesday, October 12

Ready for the Next Year

We were able to go (finally) pick up our hog (about 100 pounds of meat!) and we got our beef just a few weeks ago (about 62 pounds!).  We are definitely ready for the next year. 

And most definitely blessed.  


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Katie said...

Isn't that a beautiful sight :) It is such a good feeling to have your freezer stocked with meat that isn't from some nasty processing plant. Since my husband and dad hunt we usually eat elk meat (we have it ground into burger and you can't even tell that it is not beef) but if they don't get an elk then we can get beef from my FIL. It is so nice to have access to meat that is healthy. Some of my co-workers won't try elk and I tell them that it is organic, grass fed and free range ;)


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