Thursday, October 6

I Heart My DVR and Netflix Streaming

I've mentioned here a time or two that I love my DVR.  We were about the last people on the planet (okay maybe not, but close) to have a DVR--mostly because we were cheap.  While we could have easily afforded cable and all that fun stuff prior to me quitting my job at the bank, it was always something that we lived without.  That was mostly my choice, as I knew that when we had kids things would be tight enough without my income and I wanted to avoid changing our lives as much as possible.  That may sound silly, but I have no regrets having done it that way--we made do with just rabbit ears--and we lived to tell about it.  

Fast forward a year after Peanut was born and we found ourselves moving to the middle of nowhere.  Well, at least it was the middle of nowhere in terms of major cities/broadcasting markets.  Even the rabbit ears wouldn't cut it any longer--but I wasn't willing to forgo TV all together either.  (Spoiled much?)

So we got cable.  Basic cable.

Bare bones basic cable.  Local channels and the Home Shopping Network.  No fun stuff like HGTV or Sprout (for Peanut).  Local channels.  That's it.  At the time we signed up, the cable company was having a special and they threw in a DVR for free.   For a whole year.



I had heard how they change your life.  I heard things will never be the same after having had one.  I am fully ashamed to admit it, but it's so true.  They change your life.   

My friend and I were talking one day and she made the comment that she didn't know how people who have kids could NOT have one.  With all the questionable content on TV and obviously not wanting to watch those shows around the littles, well, the DVR makes it really easy to indulge in primetime TV.

Of course that begs the question, if you wouldn't want your children watching it, should you be watching it? Is there really anything of value on the show, if it's that questionable?  

But I digress, as that is a discussion for another day.

Besides, let me tell you, I love me some crime dramas. I am the self-proclaimed Law & Order junkie, you know. 

Combine all of this with the fact that with Netflix, nearly any show you could imagine is on DVD (and better yet, tons are available on streaming), well, you could easily never leave house again.

But alas, I have a family that needs to eat and a little girl with buckets of energy that must be burned off, so my dream of being a recluse will have to wait for a few years. 


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