Saturday, April 9

While the Parents Are Away....

As mentioned on my menu plan earlier in the week, the Hubs and I had a gift card to go out to eat.  Our sweet landlord, K,  has offered over and over to watch Peanut if we ever needed her to, so we finally got the chance to take her up.

K called earlier that day to see if it was all right to use my mixer.  She planned to make cookies with Peanut.  Sure, no problem.  So they baked cookies, had tea with our neighbor, played hide and go seek--Peanut had a non-stop, fun filled evening. 

I didn't realize until today, after talking with my neighbor, that she saw my camera bag sitting there and she took it upon herself to grab it and take some pictures while we were gone.  So nice, huh?

(Unfortunately the camera was in manual mode, which of course is hardly a user friendly setting, but you'll get the general idea....)

Notice the last picture--both with the obviously rapid movement from Peanut AND the tray of cookies?

Clearly, the former was the direct result of the latter.

 No wonder we had such a hard time getting her to bed that night.

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Carla Renee said...

Haha! Love it--so glad you guys got to go out--hope it was a great evening and you get to do it again soon! Date nights are wonderful!!! :)


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