Thursday, April 28

A Surprise Trip

I had mentioned a few days ago that we were able to sneak back to HomeTown for this past weekend.  It just happened to fall on Easter weekend, so it was icing on the cake that we were able to be home for Easter.  The first motivation was to say goodbye to Hubs' cousin and her husband.

They informed us last fall that they were applying to be missionaries overseas--in Haiti, to be exact.  Around Christmas I mentioned to Hubs that we should try and make an effort to go to the farewell event if their church (our church as well back in HomeTown) had one.

So about two months ago I called our old church to see if they had something on the calendar.  She had told me they didn't, but as soon as they did she would let me know.  Just a week after I called the church, another of Hub's cousins emailed me and told us she was planning a surprise party for them and she would love for us to come down and be surprise guests at the party.  The party happened to be planned for the Friday night of Easter weekend {aka Good Friday!}.  Having that much notice, Hubs was able to juggle his schedule so we could make the trip down and stay for Easter as well.

The guests of honor.

We had a great time and it was so wonderful to be able to see his cousin and her husband and say "Goodbye For Now."  This same cousin sent us a very sweet card in the mail just after we made the move up here to SmallTown.  I just thought that little phrase was so appropriate--although not forever, it's still goodbye--but just for now.

Hubs' cousin and aunt (friend of the matchmaker).

Hubs' sister and her sweet family.

The theme of the party was Minute to Win It, with the soon to be missionaries being the contestants of the game.  My friend (remember her mom was our matchmaker?) told me prior to meeting his whole family back during the early days of our dating that Hubs' family were "big game people."  (We played Cranium the first time I met his family--it was practically the undoing of my shy-introverted-don't-draw-attention-to-me-for-any-reason-self.  Even after that, for some reason, they still accepted me.  At least I think I they did.)   Big game people they are and it was a perfect theme for them--and so much fun to watch, I might add. 

It was good for Peanut too, to be able to be reintroduced to the members of Hubs' extended family.  She had a great time and despite her running around (literally) for three solid hours , the child still failed to fall asleep on the half hour drive home.  This was all prior to the fun packed day earlier on with Grandma.  Yes, I know.

Peanut's new little friend, A.

Amongst the many activities Peanut had to keep her busy while at Grandma and Grandpa's~

Peanut actually sat still for Grandma to do two french braids (with some credit owed to Shirley Temple) while the family dog looked on.  Grandma did a wonderful job--even without stretching out Peanuts face in the process.  (My mom used to do french braids on my hair when I was little and I still tease her to this day that it felt like she was stretching my face out because she tried to insure the braids were nice. and. tight.  They were.)

She helped Grandpa mow the lawn.

And insisted Grandpa pull out Jet's pool for her--Jet--to play in.

Grandma and Grandpa bought her her very own pink Jeep, which she was quickly learning to drive.  Loved pushing down on the gas....

....Daddy had to give lots of instruction on steering.

She got to play fetch with Jet and play out on her swing set, as well as decorate cookies and cupcakes for a few indoor activities. We were lucky enough to have two wonderful, sunny and warm days on Friday and Saturday.

The nice weather even allowed us to get some family pictures--courtesy of my mom.  I set the camera's aperture and shutter speed and told my mom exactly where to kneel in taking the shots.

And Peanut may or may not have taken a tumble just two minutes prior to said pictures being taken and I may or may not have bribed a smile out of Peanut with some Jelly Bellys that were sitting on the counter.

Just sayin'.  

I set Peanut's hair in curlers on Saturday night, envisioning bouncy Goldilocks curls, dressed in her Easter best.  Peanut was fine with the curlers all the way up until bedtime.  Then the tears started along with tugs on the curlers.  So the curlers were taken out and I opted for a quick curling iron curl on Sunday morning.  Wasn't quite the same, but as I have to remind myself constantly--it's not about me.

The weather for Easter Sunday brought lots of dreary rain--despite having a wonderful reason to celebrate.

We went to church bright and early.  Peanut had a hard time going to the nursery, but when we picked her up, she was full of excitement telling us about the singing and stories she got listen to.  We said our final goodbyes to his cousin and her husband at church and came home and got ready for brunch with all of my extended family.

My uncle and his wife~an eHarmony success! :)

My cousin and her little doll.

Peanut had a very fun time with my cousin's little girl.  It is so precious to watch the two because it reminds me of my cousin and I years ago.  The age difference between Peanut and my cousin's little girl is similar to that of my cousin and I, however Peanut is the younger of the two whereas I am the eldest with me and my cousin.  That said, my cousin's little girl has gobs of patience with Peanut--as I did with my cousin so many years ago.  (Wink, wink!  You know I love you, L!)  I just love watching them interact--it's pretty special.

The strawberries were a HIT!

My mom had an Easter egg hunt (indoors) for the girls and they each had three colors of eggs designated to them.  My cousin's little girl was so good about not taking Peanut's eggs, but Peanut just figured all eggs were free reign--however,we explained that certain eggs were her cousin's and she sweetly handed them over.

The girls also got little combs and mirrors in their baskets and my cousin and I were soon the victims participants of playing hair salon. 

Peanut took in all the weekend had to offer.  She was wiped each night as we put her to bed.  We all had a great weekend, really.  Bittersweet, as they say--more sweet than bitter though.  

Perhaps sweetbitter? 

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