Wednesday, April 6

A Trip to the Park

The weather has been warming up here quite a bit.  Yay!  So last week on Hubs day off, we ventured over to the park to let Peanut burn off some of her massive amounts of energy.  We even went to the park that has all the play toys.  However with the flu going around (we found out she got it at tumbling class--tons of parents/kids were sick with it the same time Peanut and Hubs had it), Hubs broke out the HazMat suit as soon as we got back to the car wiping her down with wipes and disinfectant.

Look how much our little Peanut (can she still be a "Peanut" when she is 17?) has changed in the last  I mean I know she hasn't been a "baby" for a while now, but looking back at pictures sure gives a different perspective.... 

Here we are waiting for Daddy before we left for the park.  She wouldn't sit still until I suggested she hold her 'Rora {Aurora--her baby Sleeping Beauty} dolly.  She thought having their pictures taken together would be fun.

Oh, and she loves using her pockets.  She is so funny.

She was sure to see that Daddy was always close behind.

I think the slides were her favorite.

There was also this rope net thing (no, I don't know the athletic/proper name for it) to climb on.  Peanut's first response was "I can't."  Sigh--she is so my child.  Thankfully, Daddy would have none of that.  He calmly encouraged her to climb the net and after much frustration, she realized she could do it! 

Same was the response for the big circular slide--but once she realized she could, she was all over it

I am so glad I have the Hubs to help balance out my inadequacies. 

My personal we just need to remember to include Mommy in the pictures next time. 

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Carla Renee said...

SO CUTE!! She looks so grown up with her hands in her pockets! Hope we can get all the girls together soon for a day at the park! :)


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