Thursday, April 14

Silly Me

About two months ago, I starting having this pain behind my left eye.  I had had this pain before, however it had come and gone and only ever lasted a couple of days at the most.  I would also go months at a time before it returned.  However this time, it wasn't going away.  In fact, is was getting worse.  I knew I needed to go see a doctor, but I really didn't want to.

You see, I am very much like my friends mom (she's actually Hubs and my matchmaker too if you don't remember).  I remember her saying awhile back that she was waiting for the "big one."  As in she just knows that she is going to get cancer or have a heart attack or suffer through some other type of serious health condition.  I am that way too--don't get me wrong, I am not a hypochondriac--I don't go see the doctor for every little thing.  I actually avoid the doctor as much as I can.  In fact, I joked that when I was pregnant with Peanut that I had been to the doctor more (prenatal visits, etc.) in that nine months than I probably had been during the last 10 or 15 years.  That's truly not an exaggeration.

However, several members of my family have very serious health concerns and although I have been healthy as a horse (aside from colds and normal stuff like that) I have a hard time believing I am going to get away Scott free.  Does that make any sense?   Plus, I have this irrational fear of me dying young and not being able to see the Peanut grow up.  I didn't really want to know what this eye issue was about, because I just knew I had this huge, incurable tumor that was putting pressure on my eye and I only had six months to live.

Worry, much?  

So I finally broke down (in tears, no less) and told the Hubby all about it.  The pain, the fears, everything. And he just sat there and looked at me.  Then he smiled at me and said, "A brain tumor?  Honey, have you thought about getting your eyes checked?  I mean, you ARE getting older."

Did he really just say that?  Isn't that on the top ten list of things to never say to the woman you are married to? 

I looked at him with snot tears running down my face and said, "Gosh, that never even crossed my mind."  And it really hadn't.

The next day I called and made an appointment with the eye doctor and about two weeks ago I had my eyes checked.  The doctor's nurse started with just a manual eye check.  She covered my left eye and had me read the smallest print I could manage with my right eye.  Read the smallest line with no hesitation.  Then she covered my right eye and asked me to do the same thing with my left eye.  Whoa.  All my fears suddenly went away--I could not even read the smallest line and I struggled to read the line above that.  Turns out my vision is certainly not what it once was.  Hubs was right, I am getting older--not that I didn't already know that, of course.  I just didn't want him telling me so. 

I had reading glasses from about ten years ago, which was the last time I saw the eye doctor--yes, I know.  I never wore my glasses as I didn't feel they made any difference.  This time I got a new prescription and I got my new lenses a few days ago and I have been wearing my glasses.  And guess what?  No more eye pain. It's like it never even happened.

And please ignore those crows feet that marching across my face.

I AM getting older you know. 


Carla Renee said...

Jackie! You look so cute! I keep forgetting about your hair being darker--it looks great with your new specs! :) Glad you got it taken care of and are feeling better!

Mason + Lauren Young said...

Jackie... Your glasses are absolutely darling! I'm quite jealous myself! I've always wanted glasses so last Christmas Mason bought me a pair of fake ones. haha! They definitely fit you well :)


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