Tuesday, April 19

Easter Projects!

Confession:  I am much more of a mom that would rather not deal with the mess and hassle challenge of letting my dear, sweet 2 1/2 year "help" in the process of all things kitchen related. 

That said, I baked some cookies this weekend for the Peanut to decorate and we dyed eggs this morning.

Somebody hold me.  
My attitude about such things needs much improving and I know that.  I am working on it.  Really.

I do, on occasion, let the Peanut "help" as I am making things in the kitchen, but it is not something that comes naturally or willingly.   Our kitchen is tiny, so there is not a lot of room--counter space, specifically--even if she is only 34 pounds.  Sugar cookies take lots of counter space.  What I did was mix and bake the cookies during her nap, then they were all cooled off and ready to decorate when her nap was over.  Actually, it was after her nap and dinner and a trip to the store, because we had to head out to get some powdered sugar (I didn't have enough on hand.  See? I do make some exceptions--like for special occasions.)

I constantly have to remind myself that this is why I chose to be a stay at home mom...so I can do fun things with Peanut and enjoy all the milestones....no matter how big....and no matter how insignificant some things may seem at the time.  I didn't decide to be a stay at home mom so I could have a clean house and menu plan and watch all episodes of Rachael Ray.  These hands on activities are the things Peanut so enjoys and I need to indulge her every chance I have.  I remind myself that the eggs and cookies don't have to look perfect.  Each year we do this she will get "better" and each year her style and personality will show through a little more.  


I am such a black and white person.  When I think to myself, I should let Peanut help in decorating the cookies or dye eggs--I can let her help.  But that doesn't mean she needs to participate in the whole shebang.  Meaning, I don't have to let her help decorate all three dozen cookies.  I can let her help decorate a few and know that a few more will be eaten in between said decorating.  And that is plenty.  She will still have her fun--lots--and she will get her fill--no pun intended!  (I just decorated the rest after she went to bed.)


In the egg decorating free style event, we did just 10 9 eggs (one cracked during boiling) and I did let her participate in all egg dyeing.  I am not a complete ogre.  The only reason I did so few eggs was that while I love egg salad sandwiches, I didn't want to be eating them for the next week and a half.  And honestly I only have two hands and with six cups of dye on the table and a very curious little girl--well, that's the only explanation needed, isn't it? 


Yes, we do need to discuss the rules of "double dipping."

She had a wonderful time and she loves to tell me all about it. 

And that is why I need to let go of my hesitations. 


Mommie Daze said...

It took me a long time to learn to let go of perfect when it comes to things like decorating cookies or making crafts with my boys. I have to remind myself that they're just kids, and as long as it's fun it doesn't matter.

Katie said...

Your right, it is hard to bake and do projects with little ones who want to "help". Looks like she had fun & I bet she made lots of fun memories!


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