Friday, December 10

My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Songs

Christmas music.  When I was younger, I may or may not have started listening to Christmas music as early in the year as July or August.  I may have even listened to it as I was in labor with Peanut.  No, she wasn't born around the holidays--she was born in September.  I know, I know.  But I can't help it. It's my favorite.  And I not really a "music" person, so that is saying something. 

I thought I would share some of my favorites with you...

1.  Jesus, Born on This Day ~ Mariah Carey.  I love, love, love this song.  And guess what?  Mariah Carey wrote it.  I know. This was also redone by Avalon too.  I have that version as well.  It's just so good.

2.  Carol of the Bells/What Child Is This ~ Point of Grace  Carol of the Bells used to be my very favorite, but it's standing has since been replaced--see #1. 

3.  White Christmas ~ Bing Crosby ~ You just can't mess with the classics.  Holiday Inn is one of my favorite Christmas movies.  This song was in this movie before it was in White Christmas.  A lot of people don't know that. 

4.  Away in a Manger ~ Third Day ~ This has been a favorite since I was a little girl.

5.  Gloria ~ Mercy Me ~ Well, despite what I said on #3, this one is an exceptional exception to the rule.  I love the spoken parts.

6.  One King ~ Point of Grace ~ LOVE this song.

7.  While You Were Sleeping ~ Casting Crowns ~ This one has such a good message.  Very thought provoking.

8.  Not That Far From Bethlehem ~ Point of Grace ~ Can you tell I like this album?  This song also reminds me of my Mom's best friend who passed away.   She sang this at her church's Christmas concert.  Sigh. 

9.  Joy to the World ~ Chris Tomlin ~ This album is just really good all the way around. 

10.  Somewhere in My Memory ~ John Williams ~ This song reminds of my childhood Christmas'--all the joys of the holidays and no worries--just as a childhood should be. 

11.  Silent Night ~ Third Day ~  I know this is a top ten, but it's my list, okay?  This is another really good one. 

What are your favorite Christmas songs? 


cleartrampoline said...

Carol of the Bells is probably my favorite. I also love just about any classic/retro Christmas song, especially the ones from the '40s.

And I'm with ya on Holiday Inn, that movie doesn't get enough cred, always in the shadow of the more popular White Christmas, what a shame (not that White Christmas isn't great also!). :)

Jackie @ Crest Cottage Creations said...

Favorite Christmas song? Probably Do You Hear What I Hear performed by Martina McBride.

Or We Need a Little Christmas performed by the Muppets. My dad always ushered in the Christmas season by singing and dancing to this song.


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