Tuesday, December 14

Gift Ideas

We have lots of little ones to buy for at Christmas.  Don't get me wrong--that means we have many blessings--but on one income that can get a little expensive...so these past few years have forced me  to get creative.  That's why I just love the internet.  I've come across many different ideas both on blogs and other sites and I thought I would share a couple with you.

For the little boys (and girls too!) I found this tutorial on making slime.  Plus, if you are a homeschooler, I think it would also be a great chemistry experiment.

I followed the directions (I even used the off brand glue--I would have bought Elmers, but Target was out and when you have a two year bundled up in a fleece hat and gloves, a big puffy coat and snow boots--putting her back in the car seat and going to another store and getting her situated back in the stroller was just so not worth it, so store brand glue it was) and it turned out great!

It is kind of messy, but something I think the kids will enjoy.

Hopefully their moms will forgive me.  

For little girls...I actually came up with this idea out of necessity.  Well, not necessity--but frugality at the very least.  I love all those little hair bows you can buy for little girls.  Peanut has several--not "handmade" ones, but lots of cute ones that she has received as gifts.  I wanted some in different colors for her and I was too cheap to buy them.  So I got one of her store bought bows and took it apart.  "I could so do that," I thought.  So I did.  As I was making some for Peanut, I thought, well I could do these as Christmas gifts too.  So I did.

I was going to do a tutorial for you, but I am that lazy time constrained, so I found this tutorial that would help aid you if you are interested.  The little clips you can find at a beauty supply store and ribbon and glue you can find at any craft store.  Easy and pretty cute, too!

Do you make hand made gifts?  If so, what do you do? 

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Lucy Marie said...

Those hairbows are SO cute. You should open an etsy shop!!! Sorry I haven't been around much lately ... I miss you! And I LOVE your Christmas header.


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