Thursday, December 23

Look at All That Snow!

We went to the ChristmasTown tonight.  Although we went a little later in the season than last year, there was a ton of snow there this time!

These pictures may not do it justice, but according to Hubs estimation, he thought that there was at least two feet of snow on the rooftops.  The huge mounds of course, are from clearing the parking lots, but still!  Let's just say, I've never seen snow like this in SmallTown and definitely not ever in Hometown.  Some of the locals even sled down hills in the downtown area...but it looked painful to me.  However, I'm not that adventuresome, so what can I say?

And look at Peanut's little darling hat.  My dear friend's talented mom made it for Peanut--custom.  Our last trip down, Sarah's mom sat there and just whipped it up like it was nothing.  Isn't it just the cutest?  I was hoping to get a cute picture of her in it for our Christmas card, but you know what they say about the best of intentions.  Yeah, it just didn't happen liked I had hoped. 

Peanut wasn't a terribly cooperative photo subject tonight as she was too distracted by all the goings on around her.

What a difference--his without flash, mine with flash. Crazy, huh?

And on our way back, Peanut was getting restless, so I told Peanut we were headed home.

Her response: "Go see candies!"  {Go see the gingerbread house} Is she my daughter, or what?

I'd say she had fun this morning, wouldn't you? 

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