Wednesday, December 1

Cream, Sugar, and Snowflakes

After breakfast this morning, Peanut was getting impatient because Dolly (her dolly) wouldn't sit upright in her chair.  The doll is really made to lay flat--her plush body just doesn't want to sit upright--but if you had the option to lay down all the time, wouldn't you?    

I know I would. 

So I got Dolly to sit up straight.  It's a good thing too, because Peanut was having a tea party and Dolly was the guest of honor. 

I put Dolly on a pillow and that's my scarf, holding her up.

Well, I thought it was resourceful.  So did Peanut--she handed me Elmo and the scarf this evening and said, "Mommy, do it."   Sigh.  Oh for the days when mommy could fix everything.

The party was short lived and soon Peanut was stacking dishes--being in the restaurant industry, Daddy has taught Peanut to bus her own table.

After the party, Peanut and Daddy went sledding.  Which unlike the other day with Peanut seeming a little indifferent, she had a grand time!

After each trip down the hill, her response to Daddy was, "Geen."  Rhymes with "been"--which means "let's go again."

Daddy definitely got his exercise today. 

Me?  Not so much.  I was stoking the fire monitoring the thermostat. 

I know--but someone has to do it. 

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