Sunday, November 14

Menu Plan Monday

I actually did it again.  I followed the menu plan two weeks in a row.  For reals.  Maybe I can go for the trifecta?  Well for me, all bets are off...but stranger things have happened.  We'll see...

And have I mentioned that I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week?  Time to get that shopping done!  Until then, this is what we will be having...

Sunday-Spaghetti and green salad

Monday-Pork Chops (not sure what kind yet), sweet potatoes, green salad

Tuesday-Beef Enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce, Spanish Rice

Wednesday-Chipotle Beef Stew with Lime Crema (recipe to come next week), Cornbread


Friday-Pizza with homemade sauce and homemade crust, green salad


For other great menu ideas, please visit the Organizing Junkie

1 comment:

The Menu Mama said...

Yummy meal plan! Funny, mine also included pork chops as well as Thursday-leftovers, Friday-homemade pizza. Great minds think alike! :)


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