Friday, May 13

Warmer Weather

Our weather has went from zero to sixty in just the course of a week or so.  Not that I am complaining.  It has just been sort of strange.  It wasn’t a gradual warming up of the weather like last spring.  Just last week I was wearing long pants and socks and shoes and this week it’s been Capris and flip flops.  I even wore shorts even one of the days!  And we all know I don’t do that very often.  We also turned on the air conditioning—yes, it has been quite the week around here.  All that to say, the weather has been beautiful this week and it’s been wonderful!

Due to this unspringy spring, we haven’t been to the park all that much.  Not for lack of dry weather, because we haven’t had a whole lot of rain—but it’s been cool, not freezing cold of course, but just cold enough that it’s not that fun to be outside.  At least for me.  Ahem.

The warmer temps were an excellent excuse to get our busy girl out in the fabulous weather.  Nasty cough and all.  Yes, we finally get some park worthy days and the Peanut has a terrible cough.  Poor thing.  However, this child rarely lets sickness get her down and this last Tuesday was no exception.   Peanut was thrilled when we told her we were visiting the park that day.

The Hubs took us to a park he remembered seeing when we first moved here.  For some reason, we had just never ventured to this one. 

I don’t know why though, as it has quite the play structure.  

It probably takes up several thousand square feet.  It’s honestly that big. 

Peanut had a grand time, as evident in her flushed cheeks….but our girl is becoming more and more timid.  It’s a little concerning, actually.  She wanted Daddy’s or my hand everywhere she went on the play structure.  Even in the areas that weren’t open where she could potentially fall.  I think she might be afraid of heights.  Can children be afraid of heights as such a young age?  

I fully admit I am not an adventurous person by any stretch, but neither the Hubs or I are timid or unsure on the big play structures….but the Peanut, she definitely seems to be.  She has been become a little more timid at her tumbling class too, but her instructor assured us that it’s the age when they start to realize they aren’t invincible and they know they can get hurt.  I really hope that is all it is—my Peanut already has several of my characteristics that she will have to overcome….I don’t want her to have to fight acrophobia too. 

She did love the swings though and the slides are always fun for her.  Daddy had her climb the rope net thingy again and she was successful once again, so that was good.  

She was even rambunctious enough to get bark dust in her shoes that I had to clean out at one point.  Don’t mind the pasty whites of mine….I told you I never wear shorts!

Hubs has the day off today and we are going to enjoy the sun once again.  Here’s to warmer weather and barbeques! 



Angel Reuther said...

Sounds so nice. It's still cold here. I can't believe how big she is getting. She looks like cute little girl now instead of a toddler. :)

Katie said...

Yay for nice weather! I really like the picture of Peanut in the covered slide. The lighing is just right & she is a cutie :)


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