Tuesday, May 24

Now Back to Regular Scheduled Programming

Oh. My. Lanta.

I have been without a computer for over. a. week.  Contrary to my previous held belief, it is possible to survive without one.  Yeah, it's called I-just-call-my-mom-or-sister-to-look-up-whatever-needs-looking-up.  Which may or may not include a frantic phone call about 7 pm Thursday night to request looking up the American Idol results prior to the airing on the West Coast.  Am I the only one who does that?  Drives poor Hubs nuts, but I can't handle the suspense.  And can I just say yay for Scotty and Lauren?  They were my favorites from the beginning--for reals.  Peanut's too. Well, that part is just because of Mommy. 

Anywho.....our poor little five year old computer (isn't that nearly a hundred in computer years?!?!?) just got back from some much needed R&R.  And she is doing okay for now, but we will be putting her out to pasture sometime soon.  Anybody have an opinion on iMacs?  I am leaning towards one, but Hubs needs some convincing....

We have continued to have more gorgeous weather here in SmallTown and little Peanut seems to have Hubs' "tans easily" skin.  Thank goodness she doesn't go from pasty to lobster like yours truly.  Her feet are already starting to look "dirty"--otherwise seen as cute little tanned feet. 

I bought some of those Starbucks-esk cold drink glasses several weeks ago and with my lovely new blender, blended iced coffee drinks are an afternoon favorite when running erands or going to the park.  Fun times for the Hubs and I! 

Our neighbor taught Peanut how to blow dandelions and that tops the charts of Peanut's favorite activity at the park these days.  And for some reason, the soccer ball only seems to be a source of entertainment in our tiny little home--not in the big, open expanses at the park.  Why is that?

There was duck watching as well as lots of eyelash and nose kisses (previously known as Eskimo kisses, but somehow lost that title).  This is Peanut's new obsession--having to give eyelash kisses and nose kisses whenever she is to be separated from either of us for longer than five minutes.  She starts panicking saying, "I need to give _______  eyelash kisses and nose kisses."  And if it can't happen right then and there, she starts to tear up.  Like when putting her to bed at night when Hubs is closing at the restaurant.  We've had several meltdowns because the kisses cannot be given at that point in time.  Luckily I have thought to tell Peanut she can save them for Daddy in the morning and that has seemed to appease her.  At least for now.

So back to the park.  There was also lots of "1-2-3 Wees" and some very flushed cheeks.

And I just had to add that last one....I have NO idea who B & E are, but I just thought that was so sweet.  I've always wanted to do that.  Can you say sappy?  Maybe someday....

Please stay tuned for this Saturday as I will pick up where I left off with my Tried It & Loved It series.  Have some great new recipes to share with you all! 

Have a great week!

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Carla Renee said...

WHEW! I was going through withdrawals!!! Seriously! I am weird and don't use the reader or e-mail updates for my favorite blogs ...I just check them a zillion times a week! I was getting worried! Sorry I'm a jerk and never got around to calling...thought about it so many times! I was worried that you were sick. Every time I had a quiet moment to call it was absurdly late...story of my life! Anyway, I'm so glad you're back! :) Love to you three! :)


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