Thursday, May 26

Some More Tumbling

Peanut has graduated to the next level of tumbling.  Her instructor told me she was ready, but I had to disagree.  However, seeing as the instructor was the expert in all areas tumbling related, I let Peanut move up--against my better judgement.  Or so I thought.

It's about the same class in terms of skill level, however with the first level, parents are expected to assist their child throughout the class and with the second level, the parent no longer assists the child.  The child only has instruction from the instructors and Mommy gets to sit back and take pictures watch.

Several weeks ago, Peanut had her first non mommy involved class and she has actually been doing really well, much to my surprise.  Yes, she still occasionally wonders off across the gym, but for the most part, she is attentive to the instructors.  She is also attentive to where Mommy is at all times and occasionally has to leave the group to give Mommy eyelash kisses and nose kisses.  And as unofficial goalie, I push her back into play, after giving said kisses of course.

I am actually really surprised to see how far she's come.  She could do all these things before, but I was always there to help her--and without me there, she has to depend only on herself.  And she has been flourishing in nearly all areas.  Except for the balance beam.  She always wants to hold someone's hand.....but she is slowly getting better, so that is fine too.

Do you notice a common theme in some of the pictures?  Yes, she still bites her lip or tongue when concentrating really hard.  There were actually a huge slew of pictures with that theme.  However, lighting in the gym is really lacking and if you pair that with my flash only flashing so far, a lot of the pictures didn't turn out so I didn't bother to post them. Such is the reason for the graininess of the posted pictures as well.  My apologies! 


We are going to pick up Hubs' mom from the airport shortly, so I won't be blogging for the next few days.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  And thank a military serviceman or woman if you get the chance!

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Jenn said...

Wow-Peanut is sure gaining confidence-that's awesome and I love the pics showing her so active!


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