Sunday, May 9

To My Peanut

It is just us girls today...your Daddy is at work, working hard as he always does so that I am able to stay at home and take care of you.  Mommy treated herself to a half price Frappuccino and then we went to your favorite place--aside from Grandma and Grandpa's--the park.  As we pulled up, you exclaimed, "!....Bubbaws? {bubbles}....Fun!"  It was very precious.  Mommy blew bubbles for you while you ran around and picked up every twig in the park and greeted every passer by with a huge "HI!"   Mommy then tried to take some pictures of us when we got home to make sure she had record of the day.  You then asked for "Song?" which means you want to listen to your Veggie Tales CD Grandma got for you.  Mommy is relearning ALL of the childrens songs she used to know.  

It was a good day, and despite the occasional temper tantrum, I am honored I get to be your Mommy. 

I love you, dear Peanut.


Janine said...

That is the sweetest picture ever! I love how she is holding your face...I remember the days when my girls would grab the sides of my face with their little dimpled hands...yum! Now they use those same fingers to text a mile a minute! (I'm just glad they text mostly to me, their dad, and their cousins!) Enjoy changes. All for good, just different.

Lucy Marie said...

Very sweet post!


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