Sunday, May 9

Menu Plan Monday

Last week went well, although we did eat out once...shocker--but we had a gift card and we did take out, so that minimized any expense on our part.  :)  I got to go to my super cheap grocery store during my visit home last week, so we are enjoying the fruits of my labor.  Ha, ha.   Before we went home, I actually planned our meals for the whole month of May.  It took every ounce of my being to do so, but it was so worth it.  Now I only need to shop for dairy and produce.  So that will be nice.  

Sunday-Split pea soup with ham (still using ham from the freezer from Easter), cornbread

Monday-Spanakopizza, green salad with homemade ranch dressing (recipe to come)

Tuesday-Lasagna, crusty bread, steamed brocolli

Wednesday-Burritos and black beans

Friday-BLTA's (avocados)


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