Tuesday, May 25

Has It Really Been 17 Years?

As I sit down to write a recap of my fun filled weekend, it never ceases to amaze at how. fast. time goes by.

My dear friend Sarah came up to visit this weekend, making the 5 + hour drive just to see little old me.  It was so nice to have more than our typical 3 hour chunk of coffee time to be able to sit and visit and shoot the breeze.  Plus, she and her husband have a little girl a tad older than Peanut--who had an absolute GRAND time spending time with her new friend.  Peanut slept in until 9:30 yesterday morning (she normally gets up around 8 am) and then proceeded to take a three hour nap yesterday afternoon.

She was plum worn out. 

Anyhow, back to my original point.  How fast time goes by.  Sarah and I have been friends for nearly 17 years.  We met in French class our freshman year of high school.

Yes, I realize I am dating myself.

I was brand new to the high school and knew no one.  Actually, that's not quite true--my neighbor down the street was a year older and he picked on me mercilessly like an extremely annoying older brother.  But other than him, I knew no one.  And Sarah befriended me.  She was Sophie and I was Elizabeth (our French class names).  We graduated high school together and went to the same community college and college together.  We also took a fabulous trip to Hawaii together when we were the ripe old age of 21.  Fun times.  I was her maid of honor and she was one of my bridesmaids (my sister was my maid of honor) when each of us got married.

But, oh, how time changes things.  Instead of talking fashion, dating, and that creepy economics professor, now our conversations are centered around potty training, stretching a dollar, and how we can't believe that acid washed jeans are making a come back once again.  I mean, really--wasn't once enough? 

It was such a fun weekend.  And it was relaxing--I mean, it was for me--I hope it was for Sarah too.  :)   We talked and talked and watched our little girls be rambunctious together.  It was great.

It just so hard to believe that we have been friends longer than we haven't.

We are old.

Good thing life gets better with age.


Janine said...

Love this!!! What great pics! My 12yo was looking over my shoulder and all I heard was 'awww!' So cute! I can totally relate with the amazing friendship...my most cherished friend lives 3 hours away and we wished it was 3 minutes! So glad you had that time together...You should link this post up to the Wordful and Wordless Wednesday sites! You can find the links on my post today...just fyi!

Lucy Marie said...

Great post! It's so great to have those long time friends to spend time with and grow with and change with. And how precious that your Peanut and her little girl could have fun together.


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