Thursday, May 27

I Finally Did It

My husband and I had a conversation several weeks ago.  In not so many words, he told me that I need to get out more.  Me?  Self-proclaimed home body?  Nahhh....  But I knew deep down he was right.  We've been here in SmallTown nearly six months (at the time of the conversation) and he thought it was high time I got out there and found some other moms. 

Of course it would have been easier if we were attending church here, but with DH working Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, it makes it kind of hard.  Plus, couple that with the fact that I am a paranoid germ-a-phobe and not wanting to put Peanut in the church nursery--well, that just makes it even harder. 

Sooo, when I got back from my trip several weeks ago, I started calling around to several area churches to see if they had any sort of mom's group.  I couldn't find one.  One day several days later as I was running errands with Peanut, the Christian radio station had a commercial for MOPS.  I had heard of MOPS in the past, and I don't know why I didn't think of looking into it, but sure enough, our town has a MOPS group that meets twice a month at church less than two miles from our house.  So I called the coordinator.  But of course, I have the worst timing in the history of the world (okay, maybe not that bad) and the group breaks for the summer and yesterday was their last meeting until September.  All that to say if I hadn't drug my feet for so long, I would probably be a little more connected had I been going all this time.  Nice. 

Despite all that, the coordinator I spoke with on the phone was really encouraging and said I should still come and check it out.  And I did.  Boy, was that hard for me.  It was like my first day of freshman year when I didn't know a soul.  But all the ladies there were really sweet and it was good to talk to some other moms and have a small break from Peanut (as much as I love her).  They have some activities planned over the summer and I am going to try and go.  And I will even take Peanut with me.  (I didn't take her yesterday because DH had the day off and the meeting started at 8:45 and lets just say she and I aren't typically rolling and ready to face the day until after 11 on most days--something else on the list of things to work on.)

Although I haven't found a bosom friend just yet, I am so glad I went.  It was good to stretch myself


Victoria said...

Good job! :)

Robin said...

You should check your local library as well. Ours has age specific story times ( we're in the tales for twos class ) and we've met lots of moms that way.

Janine said...

You go's important. For both of you. I so remember the days of staying home with my oldest when she was little. It was easy, comfortable, and CLEAN! But eventually it will also get lonely...for you and for Peanut. I home school my girls and am very thankful I got out there. Home schooling is awesome and we love it, but the social stuff is muy importante! I applaud your efforts...don't stop there! You won't regret it!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

I can totally relate! I would have been scared half to death. Glad you were able to find MOPS. you will probably find some great friends and maybe a bosom buddy or two.


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