Sunday, September 20

Menu Plan Monday

I am starting to get antsy because after this week, we move in just THREE weeks! Oh Mylanta! (That's for you, C!) I cannot even believe it's getting that close....with that we have a gift card we need to use before we move to Smalltown, so I am incorporating that in along with our "new" leftover night.

Wednesday- Grilled Hot Dogs, Macaroni Salad (I omit the bacon)

Thursday- Leftovers

Friday-Homemade Pizza with homemade sauce and crust, green salad with "Olive Garden Dressing"

For other great menu ideas, visit the Organizing Junkie!


Carla R. said...

O MYLANTA is right!!! I can't believe it! Every time I think about it "I get a little vaclimpt!" Actually, a lot!! (You might have to ask your hubby about that one...) I'm so excited for you guys, though! Sounds like another yummy week at your house! :)

SnoWhite said...

yum, a recipe for olive garden dressing!! That BLT chicken salad also sounds tasty.

Kristen said...

Mmm, I love macaroni grill -- haven't been there in ages. Now it will probably be stuck in my head ;)

The BLT salad sounds really tasty too. I'm not sure the kidlet would eat it, but it sounds like a perfect lunch for me!

shopannies said...

thanks for all of the great recipes looks like a super menu


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