Wednesday, September 23

Is it over already?

I have never claimed for summer to be my favorite season...most of you know this. My friend and I used to talk about how she loved summer and had tons of tank tops and summer clothes and I LOVED fall and winter and I had tons of cozy sweaters and warm clothes. Our closets seem to be full of clothes for our favorite season. She was saying the other day how she is ready for fall, and I am too, however, as I get older I am learning to appreciate all the seasons. In addition, I am realizing that each season goes by way. too. fast. (Just like each month of the Peanut's life...but that's a whole other post!)

I won't miss the record breaking temps this summer (no central AC), but I will miss swimming and spending time at my parents, taking the Peanut for walks in the morning, being able to cook outside without the ever present rain, and getting fresh produce from my parent's garden. Of course this is even more bittersweet as this will be our last summer with family close least for a while. God willing, we will come back--and hopefully sooner rather than later! But as I was cooking dinner tonight, all my thoughts were swirling around this and all our changes that are coming. It made me sad to think that this was one of our last days of summer menu dinners (even though I lack creativity when planning them) so I thought I would take a picture, as you know they last longer. ;)

Peanut enjoyed hers too, but will wonder someday why Mommy
is taking a picture with macaroni salad all over my face?

As I write this, it also reminded me of this post from Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer. She is SO much more eloquent at phrasing her thoughts than I am! Head on over there and read it! I'll wait... I am almost always crying by the end of her posts! Of course, that doesn't mix too well with a sap like me. :) Anyway, although our lives are different, the theme is still the same.

~Summer, you will be missed~

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Lucy Marie said...

I agree. I am ready for fall because it's so beautiful but I do miss many aspects of summer. It's important to appreciation all of the seasons, just as you say. We spend so much time longing for what comes next that sometimes we forget to love today.


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