Thursday, September 24

Getting ready.....

My days for the last several weeks have been filled with packing, packing, and more packing. As such, this is what our home looks like in almost every nook and cranny....


boxes (these are strategically placed so the Peanut can't mess with the stereo),

and, yep, you guessed it--more boxes.

I am also removing all the wall decor, filling holes and touching up the walls.

How the heck do you pack lamps?

I have never moved this far before. This was aside from the time I worked as an intern for the state legislature for 3 months in college. Even then, 85% of what I packed was clothes. I didn't even come close to moving a whole household!

I have only ever moved across the county, and things like lamps and pictures got thrown (not THROWN, but you know what I mean) in the back of someones car for the ten+ trips being made back and forth between old home and new home. When you move 300 miles away, you pretty much have one shot and you better pack it good, otherwise you are either replacing it or doing without. I prefer not to do either.

These are the problems and dilemmas I have been facing lately...but the biggest is we are going to the "new" hometown this weekend to finalize the details of our new home and I won't get to see this face

(Daddy and Grandpa LOVE Fantasy Football and have taught me "Touchdown")

for more than 24 hours! I am going to miss that little Peanut SO stinkin' much. But she is a busy little girl and she L.O.V.E.S. her Grandma and Grandpa so I am glad that she won't even know we are gone. It will be good for her to be a big girl and spend the night and it will be good for us too, to have some time to ourselves. But good grief...does it ever get easier?


Lucy Marie said...

I hope this weekend goes well and everything runs smoothly! Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Little kids=little problems, big kids=big problems. :) But with God on your side, you'll be fine.

Carla said...

I'd say it does get easier to leave them overnight (or 2), but am learning that it definitely does not get easier to parent's just hard in a different way! And you know I'm only up to age 5, so I really have no idea what the hard stuff is yet--yikes!! :) Have a great trip!!


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