Wednesday, August 5

What will she think of next?

So I guess the Peanut's love of kitchen linens has moved on to shoes. Daddy's shoes.That's my girl. I guess the inherent female love for shoes starts early doesn't it? We'll work on the gender thing later.

As with the linens, I figure there is no harm in her "rearranging" things. Granted, I have to put them back, but for now, as long as the shoes aren't going in her mouth, I figure no harm done. Isn't it funny how her toys occupy her for just seconds but linen or shoe reorganization could entertain her for hours?

Hopefully this no indication of how her own room will be as a teenager!

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Lucy Marie said...

So cute. My mom has pictures of me unloading and reloading her tupperware drawer. She said she could sit me down there and get everything done in the kitchen that she needed to because I would work on it for hours and hours.

Audra said...

And isn't it crazy how quickly the can demolish something?! Faster than a tornado! Your peanut is such a cutie! Hope y'all's teething problems get better quickly!


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