Tuesday, August 11

Her new thing...

We have a red chair that we place the Peanut in each month to track her growth progress. Each month on her birth date we put her in the chair to take a picture and we can compare how much she has grown from month to month. Lets just say some months she has been more cooperative than others. She likes to be left alone to do her own thing. She likes to free to do as she wants. She is not big on having to sit still or be restricted/confined in any way. This was her initial reaction to her 11 month photo shoot:

But she settled down for a few moments and decided to cooperate just enough to let Mommy get a somewhat presentable photo for the album. Hmph...

And then she gives me this innocent face, "Oh--what? Did I do something, wrong?"

This is all a learning experience, I tell you.

1 comment:

Lucy Marie said...

Cute! What a neat way to track her growth.


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