Sunday, August 23

Menu Plan Monday

I did menu plan next week, but it was hot weather (again!) and I was preparing just some of the same ol' same ol' and I felt very uncreative. So I didn't bother posting it. This week though it is supposed to cool down again and because of the move, I am trying to clean out our freezers so we don't have as much to transport.

Monday-Chicken Noodle Casserole and green beans (from the garden!)

Tuesday-Veggie Pizza with broccoli, carrots, olives, cheddar cheese and red pepper (recipe will follow this week)

Wednesday-Bacon Burgers with avocado slices and oven fries (yes, still have potatoes to use up)

Thursday-Pork fried rice (I use butter instead of oleo (?) and pork chow mein

Friday-Homemade Pizza w/ homemade sauce and green salad

For other great menu ideas, check out The Organizing Junkie.

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