Saturday, August 22

Raspberry Limeade

My dear friend treated me to a Sonic limeade a couple of weeks ago and can I just share that it was absolutely FAB.U.LOUS? It's all I think about when I am out and about running errands trying to justify my "need" to purchase one. Good thing the closest Sonic to me is all the way across town. A&W has a limeade as well (which isn't quite as good IMHO) but is only about a mile away. So after three days last week of "justifying" myself, I decided to try making them at home. Not too bad if I do say so myself! All I had were raspberries, and it was quite tasty. And probably much fresher.

You will need:

Limeade (I just used the frozen concentrate, mixed as directed)
Lemon Lime Soda
Lime for Garnish (of course that is optional--it just makes for pretty picture)

To start, I had some raspberries in my freezer that needed using up and also needed to thaw for this purpose. So I took about 3/4 cup and generously sprinkled with sugar:

Once these thawed, I mashed them up and tasted them. Still a little tart, so I was generous with the sugar once again.

To mix the drink, fill a glass with ice. I found the best ratio is 1 part limeade to 2 parts soda. Then add about a tablespoon of raspberries and mix thoroughly. Garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy!

This recipe is linked to Life As Mom Ultimate Recipe Swap.


Amanda said...

That was some awesome friend!

Amanda Thomas said...

this looks so delish! beats the Starbucks prices too! and I have some left for later!

Queen of the House said...

This looks fabulous! I had a Sonic limeade during "Happy Hour" and thought they were least they are half off then! LOL! I am definitely going to try your version though! Thanks for sharing.

Air Purifier said...

Oh, yum! I love limeades and I've never tried a rasberry one! Can't wait to try this!


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