Monday, July 20

Easy Entertainment

Our little girl is non stop. DH and I like to joke that there is no "off" button. Indeed there is not. She is constantly on the go. It almost as if prior to her starting to crawl, she had this mental list of "things to do" once she could figure out how to get there or reach that. She likes the bottom drawer in our kitchen. Thank goodness I don't have anything harmful to a ten month old in there. It's only the kitchen towels, wash cloths, and hot pads. Crawling over to it, opening the drawer and pulling out each item, one by one, is just as entertaining the 207th time as it was the 1st time. Sometimes, to mix things up a bit, she even pushes the items around the floor. One of my mom's favorite sayings is "Pick your battles."
I am learning this is oh so true with a little one. There is no harm in the Peanut going through all the kitchen "linens." However, I would like to know that the towels I am using to dry my hands or that I use for cooking are clean. I even like them folded. So I simply left of few of the towels in the drawer and moved the "working" stock of linens in the pantry. Not quite as convenient, but hey, that's okay. The Peanut now has hours more of easy entertainment.

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