Tuesday, July 14

Works For Me Wednesday--Cooking Bacon with No Smell

I hate the smell of bacon that lingers in your home after you've cooked it. I love bacon--don't get me wrong, however that lingering smell is absolutely the worst. My mom taught me this tip (you'll see a pattern here--she has taught me a lot in the kitchen as well as outside). Drum roll please...

If you have a gas grill with a side burner, this will definitely work for you! Instead of cooking the bacon on your stove top, simply cook it outside on your gas grill's side burner. It is as easy as that. In addition, it cooks quite a bit faster, but best of all there is NO smell inside your home for days after cooking the bacon.

This works for me! For other helpful tips, visit We Are THAT Family.


Katie said...

So simple, yet so smart!!! I was even wanting bacon the other day, but we're in the process of selling/showing our home, so I couldn't have any ...but now I can! :) Thanks for the tip!

{ L } said...

Interesting, I would have never thought of this! I'm with you...I can't stand the smell of bacon in the house after its done cooking.

Innkeeper Seely said...

Great tip but the smell of cooking bacon is how we get the guests out of bed and down to the dining room.


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