Sunday, July 5

So Sad It's Over

Can I just share that I heart the Fourth of July? In my book it ranks right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving. In addition, here in the northwest we had some absolutely fabulous weather (actually it lasted all week) so it made the weekend that much more enjoyable. We always celebrate at my mom and dad's and it was just wonderful. We were able to swim...even myself, which it just has to be stinkin' hot for me to get in the pool. So you know it was stinkin' hot.

The little Peanut was a teensy bit stubborn and decided that she wasn't in need of her late morning/early afternoon nap. Somehow she senses something awfully exciting is happening and she really shouldn't miss anything so she just won't shut her eyes. Sleep did finally come in the middle of dinner (during the second course which was diced yams) when she just couldn't fight it anymore. Poor thing. :)

She also had fun with her cousin, C, who just loved pushing her in her swing.

Our token family holiday picture...those fingers taste awfully good...

It was just such a good time and even though it was a three day weekend, it went TOO fast. It is so disappointing when it is all over. It's like my dad says, "half of the fun is in the anticipation." So very true.

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