Monday, July 27

What A Trooper!!!

We went on a few road trips this weekend. The first was on Saturday, which was about 300 miles away from home and we returned home that evening. On Sunday, we then traveled about 80 from home (in the opposite direction) and returned home again yesterday evening. Can you say exhausting? I am always so surprised how tired one gets just from sitting in a car all day long.

Just shy of eleven months old, 760 miles and 15 hours of drive time later, our little Peanut was still in the best of spirits. Did I also mention she has been teething? Due to a time crunch on Saturday morning, I had to give her her breakfast on the road as my husband drove. I entertained her by occasionally sitting in the back seat with her handing her toys to her over and over again as they dropped over the side of the car seat. Then she napped and played and then napped some more. I was extremely hesitant to take her with us on Saturday as we knew we would be making it a round trip in one day. But our little girl was SUCH a trooper. I am amazed at what a sweet disposition she has and how blessed we are to be parents of such a little girl!

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Angel Reuther said...

Wow, that's great! I remember feeding Logan in the car on the way home from SunRiver. At least there was air in the car, right? :)


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