Saturday, June 23

To Swim or To Play

My sister is currently in town for our big (little) arrival.  Another fabulous advantage of her being in town for these next several weeks is that she is going to teach our little Peanut how to swim.

Unlike moi, my sister practically has webbed feet and absolutely loves the water.

Moi?  It has to be stinking hot for me to get in a pool.  Like at least 90 degrees + hot.  And I don't get my hair wet.  Or my face wet.  And let's face it, I don't really swim.....I just get in to cool off for all of like 10 minutes (and that's being generous!) and then get back out.  That's the extent of my water amusement.  

Now my sister......when my sister was little, she got through the swimming lesson set of courses through community ed like three years ahead of schedule.  So my Mom and Dad decided to see if she was interested in being on a swim team.  That was all she needed and as they say, the rest is history.  She swam competitively starting in grade school--lasting well into high school.  When she got old enough to have a job, during the summer she was a lifeguard and she also taught swimming lessons.  Which of course, leads us to where we are today.

Teaching our little Peanut. Luckily the water gene seems to have been passed on to Peanut and she loves the water.  And she LOVES her Auntie.  So what a blessing right?  However, because it's not quite warm enough yet in our neck of the woods for my parents outdoor pool, we went to the community pool instead. 
Peanut had a grand time, but we are thinking all the "water features" in the pool are a little too distracting for our little three year old.  We are thinking of trying out another community pool on the opposite side of town (my sister's old stomping grounds!), but it may not work out due to the swim schedule there.  Either way though, I am grateful for my sister's willingness to teach her little niece. 

And I guess there is always next summer....


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