Thursday, June 21

Our Little Guy's Shower

My dear sweet friend threw a baby shower for our new little guy.  You know, so he wouldn't have to wear any pink.  Because with all of Peanut's things, it was practically a guarantee otherwise.

Oh, how I kid.

Sort of.

Anyhow, back to the shower.  Yes, I realize these were awhile ago (like over two weeks!) but we've been a little busy.  So this is how we are rolling, mmmkay?

Remember these pictures from TWO years ago? 


Gosh, they grow fast, don't they?

Our little girl is SO excited to be a "Big Sister."

My auntie made cute, right?

Lots of sweet friends and family came to help celebrate the arrival of our sweet little guy....and we were very blessed.  With this move, I have been pretty distracted and it helped me focus on the little love we will get to meet in just a few short weeks.

He got lots of baseball "gear" (Daddy's favorite!) and my sweet, sweet friend made this awesome quilt for him.  Yes, he is spoiled already!


I am SO excited!

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