Sunday, June 17

Another Fun Day

We had another fun day today. 

Somehow, my hubby was blessed again (and even more so than just getting off early on Mother's Day) and he didn't have to work today.

We started the morning off with church and then we came home and Hubs mowed our lawn.  Although I wanted to head over to my parents sooner than later, the lawn was in much need of some TLC.  With moving and trying to get settled, the yard has been the last thing on our Hub's list, because indoor projects have been the top priority.  

In years past, I have tried to host Mother's Day/Father's Day celebrations, but this year, my Mom was such a blessing and offered to host a big family get together at their home instead.  It was so nice of my Mom (and Dad of course!)--I have been wearing myself out with trying to get settled and my cankles have taken on record breaking size.  It was very nice to make just one dish and not have to worry about hosting a lovely get together for everyone.  Bless their hearts--we had a wonderful, relaxing (read: I even took a nap on the lounge chair outside!) day!

I even got a chance to make these for both Hubs and my Dad.  I was really pleased at how they turned out. 

 A very fun, fairly inexpensive way to treat those special men in your life!  

I am feeling rather ambitious and I may even get up some other posts later this week!   That is of course, unless our little man decides to make his appearance.  So stay tuned.....


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