Thursday, June 28


Today is the big in this is my official due date.  But of course, this little guy is gonna do what he's gonna do.  And really?  Due dates mean very little, as they are really just an educated guess. 

We are just getting a few more things done and checked off the list of things to do.

Got Peanut's chandelier hung in her room--well, Hubs, did at least.  Looks awfully sweet, don't you think? 

I also got my second sewing project done for the little guy, going with a more gender neutral color pallet.  And honestly, I would have went with blue, but on the day I went fabric shopping, none of the blue colored fabric screamed "Take me home!" so I went with the yellow and gray.  Plus, it matches the diaper bag, so I was happy.  

Although it's no where near the fine quality an experienced seamstress could stitch together, I am still pleased with it nonetheless. 

Next up?  Bring on baby!


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