Wednesday, June 20

They Came and They Blessed

It all started out as an innocent little request.  My Mom is sometimes able to get off work early and I called over to my parents to see if she was home yet.  I was hoping she wasn't because I was gonna then call her cell phone and ask if she could possibly stop by the store and pick up a few things for me.  My sister answered (who is in town for our big arrival-yay!) and confirmed that yes, she was home already, but please, go ahead and make a list and we will go pick up whatever you need. 

You see, Peanut has been sick.  Last week it was the flu, this week is a pretty nasty cough along with a cold. 

Fun times.  

So with her being sick, I didn't really want to run to the store.  And let's face it--there's no "running to the store" with a preschooler or when being 38.5 weeks pregnant.  Mmmmm, nope--it's just not that easy. 

Either my sweet husband does not truly recall or he is playing the safe husband card, but he insists I was just as big when pregnant with Peanut.  The photographic evidence shows that that is truly not the case.  I am WAY bigger this time around.  Oh, and yes, I have truly lost all sense of pride and am posting a picture sans make-up. 

So they went to the store for me to pick up the items I needed so I could cook some meals for our freezer.  This way, when our little guy arrives, I'll at least be able to get dinner on the table without too much thought.   Or at least that's the plan anyway. 

Well, my dear mom and sweet sister not only brought the groceries over, but they also proceeded to cook the meals I had planned.  Then they cleaned up the kitchen spotless. 


What would I do without my family? 

What a huge blessing they are! 


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Amanda said...

You're a lucky pants to have such a great mom and sister. I knew that already, but yay. Anyhow, maybe instead of milkshakes together, I'll just bring one when you have that baby; because I, my friend, am a flake. :) Amanda


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