Tuesday, June 19

Maternity Pics

My friend's sister, an up and coming photographer in our area, shot some maternity pictures of me and my {growing} family over the last couple weeks.  When I say up and coming, she actually is just getting her start (I was her first maternity shoot and quite possibly the first shoot outside of family?-but don't quote me on that last part).  I just had to share though, because I think she has quite the career ahead of her.

What do you think?

I am just thrilled at how they turned out.....especially our family picture!


Lucy Marie said...

Love the photos. The one with the scripture on your belly is amazing. Totally wonderful. How are you holding up?

Anonymous said...

You and your belly are beautiful, Jacks-i feel so blessed that you asked me to be here for the event! I love you all!

Amanda said...

I love that family picture so much. Its one of the cutest things I've ever seen!


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