Saturday, August 14

New Arrival

No, I am not pregnant.

We did however, get a knock at the door at 7:45 yesterday morning from the Fed Ex guy.  I know.  I didn't even know they delivered that early.  This is, of course, coming from a night owl.  Anything prior to 8 am is ridiculously early to me.  How I ever survived earning a paycheck, I'll never know.

Anyhow, the box delivered was an early birthday present for the Peanut.  My Mom and Dad had sent a table and chairs for her and it was quite the event. 

She learned how to thread the washers on the screws and she got to help Daddy assemble the table...

and then she had to try out the green chair immediately to make sure it was just her size.

Later after her bath and nap she immediately began to play and color.  She also made sure that Dolly had a place at the table as well.

To say she is thrilled with her new "toy" is an understatement.

But then a song from the Jonah movie came on and she had to shake her tail feathers...

And then she was quickly back to having tea and coloring at her table. 

And just another sign of how fast she is growing up....since having to rearrange the furniture to make room for her table and chairs, I thought I would go out on a limb and move some pictures down.  These have been sitting on the table well within the Peanut's reach for over 24 hours and she touched them once, and I told her "No, those aren't to touch" and she hasn't touched them since.

Let's see if that will last.

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