Sunday, August 8

It's Been Awhile

I just realized it's been a week since I last posted.  I knew it had been a while, but I didn't realize it has been that long.  I've been getting some stuff done for Peanut's birthday gala...can you call it a gala when it's going to be a barbecue and Elmo themed?  Well, I want it to be festive just the same....I just hope the weather stays nice back in HomeTown, so we don't have to be inside like last year.  I have lots of homemade handcrafted Elmo things for her party...but I want it only to be revealed at her party, so it will just have to wait another month or so.  But if I do say so myself, I have some pretty cute things in mind. 

We've been spending some time outside and Peanut has been swimming and enjoying the collection of swimsuits...

Her newest distraction is now watering our plants with the pool water. She is such a helper. 

And remember these?  I can proudly say I have completed my first round of canning.  All. by. my.self.  Although I did get advice from my Mom prior to starting, I didn't even call her once during the process in a panic about something like I normally do.  I getting to be such a big girl!  And thank you, Mom for always being there for me.

And my Mom and Dad visited us for a too short visit this weekend, which was filled with the usual....lots of hugs and kisses with Grandpa...

and bath time with Grandma....

and pesants {presents} from Grandma's stash.  And many tears as we said goodbye for now. 

I heart Melissa and Doug toys.  They always have the greatest stuff and my Mom always finds something new for the Peanut.  And the Peanut can now name all fifty states.  I am so kidding....but she can point to our state on the map all on her own and say "Live."  Hey, she's not even two,  folks.  I was impressed.

By her next birthday though, she'll be able to put the puzzle together, name all fifty states and the major economic industry in each in under five minutes.

Oh, how I kid. 

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Anonymous said...

I like your final add-on about Peanut knowing each state's industry and if she also knew the capital's that'd be just fantastic! ;o)


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