Tuesday, August 17


We spent the afternoon and evening at our landlord's home today.  She invited us to come over and go swimming and also served us a wonderful steak dinner.  It was a perfect day to do it--it was around 102 degrees, or at least that's what the thermometer read-that was in the shade.  And we rarely enjoy steak, so that was a treat as well.  Our landlord was a wonderful hostess, much like my Mom and her husband is of the same political persuasion as my Dad...made me miss my parents all the more.  We had a wonderful time, to say the least.

My sister used to swim competitively all through her youth and well into her teen years.  Let's just say we don't share that love of the water gene.  My sister has webbed feet and apparently that same gene that bypassed me has been passed on to my daughter.  Which is good, except when she tries to get in the pool on her own.  Have I mentioned she is fearless?  Don't worry, Mom, absolutely no harm came of it.  But let's just say she kept us on our toes. 

Speaking of toes, Daddy's  were prunes (bless his heart) by the time dinner was served.  She not only loved the water, but she loved getting in and out and in and out and in and o--you get the idea.  So Daddy just stayed in the pool and and I stayed out and we passed her back and forth no less than six or seven times. 

And being the paranoid mama I am, Peanut did not have one bit of sunburn at the end of the afternoon.  Perhaps that was because we might have just as well dipped her in a gallon of sunscreen. 

But I was thrilled nonetheless.  I even gave myself a pat on the back. 

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Jenn said...

I love that she's not afraid of the water! Perhaps I could relive my instructor days and teach Peanut if y'all return to Hometown!


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