Sunday, August 1

Having Too Much Fun

My dear friend, A, is on the road once again after driving up to visit me this weekend.  Although we haven't been close friends until just a few years ago, we go way back.  Both our family's circles have always been entwined at some point or another.  She and I went to private school together many, many moons ago.  Like more than twenty years ago--that's alotta moons.  Then, our moms were both the crafty types and they did the bazaar circuit many years ago--you know, when bazaars were très chic.  Then A and I worked at the gift shop together--I came on a few years after her, as she is a few years older and I probably drove her nuts at first.  (I was still in high school and dances and boyfriends and crushes ruled my life--yes, I was that girl and A is so not that way.)  But despite all that, we quickly realized we actually had quite a bit in common.

As I said though, with her being a few years older, she got married much younger than I did and had children way before I was even married, so our lives weren't always on the same path, so to speak.  And let's face it, your friends that you are closest with typically reflect your lifestyle. (When I was in college, all my close friends were in college, etc., etc.)  So until I "caught up" with her (getting married and having kids), we never really became super close.  But we always caught when we could--at all the various functions when we would run into each other at--and we always seemed to pick up where we left off.   Her mom was the one who introduced DH and I.  Yes, her mother is my matchmaker.  

Eighteen months after DH and I were introduced, A's daughter was one of our flower girls.  Little H definitely upped the "awwww" factor about a gazillion percent that day.  So sweet.  Fast forward a few years later and dear A had a beautiful baby shower for me, complete with a big, overstuffed lounge chair for the preggo.

Unfortunately, this is about the most recent picture of us I have...  :(

Fast forward a few years after that and I am so glad we have become so much closer.   She understands my blogging obsession.  (She's the one that introduced me to Reader)  We are both delving into the world of real foods, although neither of us are wheat grinders...not yet anyway.  But I am sure that will come too.   She gets my being frugal, although we both will pony up for Starbucks now and again.  She just gets me. 

That said, we had such good time exchanging stories and ideas and recipes and different blogs we read, that I didn't get out my camera once.  I am such a goof ball.  Although I don't have the pictures to prove it, we had a wonderful time--we even went to pick some more apricots--like 76 pounds of apricots.  I know.  She even stopped at my parent's before her drive up and picked up their canning supplies for me, bless her we could go pick 76 pounds of apricots....  No, she took home most of them for her mom and dad--because she is a good daughter like that.  But how nice of her to bring those up for me, huh? 

A, I hope we will have a chance to do it again; I had such a great time.

It is such a blessing to have such wonderful friends. 

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