Friday, August 27

Highlights of the Week

We went out of town earlier this week.  Hubs had a company picnic east of SmallTown and on the way home, we were able to stop and see his uncle and aunt that live just a short distance from where the picnic was held.

The picnic was fun...Peanut enjoyed being able to run free...and when I say "run free," run free she did.  Like, she didn't stop.  Except for the food and ice cream.  And that was only for a moment.

I chose to get the vanilla ice cream, much to the caterer's irritation, as he had to rinse the scoop after a long line of small children wanting the bright blue bubble gum ice cream.  Yes, I have to be a pain like that.  And I know the vanilla choice supposedly indicates my bland personality, but I truly chose it because it had less artificial coloring and flavors.

At least I hope it did--you know, that "real foods" thing again.

But Hubs lives on the edge and he chose to get the bubble gum and as you can see, the Peanut loved it.

It even received a round of applause.

She also got her second skinned knee.  And I didn't even sanitize it.  I know, I was extremely carefree that day. 

Of course, it was hardly that bad, but you know.

Hubs uncle and aunt and cousins showed us a great time that evening out on the town.  Peanut got to have her first carousel ride, which she thought was grand fun.

Hubs uncle is a semi-professional photographer, so I gladly let him take some pictures trying to achieve a panning shot while the carousel was moving.  It turned out fairly decent, despite the horrible lighting.

Peanut was also enthralled with this goat sculpture at the park.  When you hit this button, it sucks up small pieces of trash in it's mouth.  Our little animated girl is so funny.   She could have done it all night if we let her.

His uncle also was gracious enough to take some wonderful family pictures...these had quite the backdrop,  don't you think? 

The park also had the biggest Radio Flyer in the world....

The pully thing on the wagon (what is that thing called?) was a slide and once again, Peanut had no problems going down by herself.  Fearless, I tell you.  Fearless.

And on the way home from his uncle and aunt's, we stopped to get our beef.  Yay!  We are all stocked up!

Now, truthfully, I did some research on grass fed beef after we made our initial deposit for our portion.  Isn't that smart?  So of course, then I became very hesitant about the taste of grass fed beef.  Many of the things I came across online said grass fed beef was "gross,"  or that "it tasted 'gamey'," or "it was different," etc, etc.

Well, I made our first chuck roast last night and after reading all that, Hubs and I were pleasantly surprised.  It didn't taste any different than what we are used to--it tasted like beef to us! Imagine that.  Perhaps a difference would be noticed in a side by side "taste test," but we both loved it!  In addition, just as I came across many times in my online research, the meat was much leaner.  There wasn't that marbled fattiness to the roast as there typically is with the more "inexpensive" cuts.  All in all, we are so happy with it and I am so glad that we did it!

We are blessed!

Have a great weekend y'all! 


girlichef said...

Oh my gosh...I'm so jealous of that freezer full of beef- NICE! And although I usually choose vanilla, too...I'm a total sucker for Blue Moon (childhood fave, what can I say)!! Adorable pix...and wowza I want that radio flyer!!!

Jenn said...

The contents of the freezer is awesome Jack! Wish we could've participated. Not sure if you noticed, but that first pic of the family looks like DH has a halo above his head-it's cute. :o)

Lucy Marie said...

"She got her second skinned knee and I didn't even sanitize it" .... we are so so so alike Jackie. he he he. How great to have a fully stocked freezer!


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