Friday, June 25


We celebrated Father's Day on Wednesday.  DH is in management in the restaurant industry and a holiday simply means you work later that day. And work later he did--till nearly 10 when his shift ended at 8.  *Sigh*  At least he gets off Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

I knew sort of suspected that would happen, so like the good wife that I am, I reserved the special dinner I had planned that night for his "weekend" and we had leftovers instead on Sunday night.  Nice, huh?  And even as I served him his plate of heated up leftovers on Sunday night telling him we would have a special dinner later that week, he told me not to apologize.  He told me that he was telling everyone at work that every day was Father's Day at his house--because his wife get's up and makes him breakfast every morning makes him dinner every night and he gets greeted with a huge "Hi!" from Peanut every day when he gets home. 

Gosh, after that huge compliment, I felt like it was Mother's Day.  He works a 12 hour shift providing for our family, while I sit at home taking care of Peanut and serve him leftovers for dinner and he's making me feel like it's my special day.  What a great guy, huh?   

I don't deserve him. 

Soooo, on to our special weekend.  I did make the dinner I had planned on--Rachael Ray's Club Burger Sliders with Avocado Ranch Dressing, which were amazing and we had homemade potato salad.  The bread discount store had little slider buns for $0.99, so those were my inspiration.  I had always wanted to try sliders and they were yum, yum, yum.  And DH thought so too.  I won't mention how many he sampled. 

It was HOT that day, so we had Sonic Slushes at DH's insistence (yeah, twist my arm) and came home and had an early dinner.  Once it started to cool down, we headed to the park.  It was perfect down at the park too.  It's on the river, so there was a slight breeze and it was still around 80 degrees.  Which for me is good, because I only start to thaw at 75 degrees.  Or so DH and my Dad say.  The air smelled so sweet, which was due to the blossoms on the trees, but due to my lack of botanical knowledge, I can only share a picture....

The Peanut and DH played around and he taught her to "race" to get the ball.  She had so much fun.  She insisted on many "wees" which is where she walks hand in hand with us and we lift her up. 

She would do that the entire time if we let her.  

Still working on those manual camera settings.  I took some good ones in the shade and got lots of overexposed pictures in the setting sun.  But practice makes perfect, right? 

Peanut got to run around to her heart's content and share lots of special moments (and kisses) with her Daddy. 

That makes for a pretty special Father's Day, don't you think?


Lynn said...

What a sweet blog and sweet family you have. Lovely :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Jackie! Those are some wonderful moments in pictures you caught of DH and Peanut!


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