Thursday, June 3

She Never Ceases to Amaze

Just  a few updates on the happenings of our household....we used to do Netflix.  Then, with going to living on one income a year and a half ago, that had to be cut.  Not that we didn't love the service, it was just not in the budget.

Fast forward to this spring--my Mom and Dad had a Nintendo Wii that we were borrowing and my Mom recalled it.  Ha, ha.  Turns out that Netflix was now offering to stream movies through the Wii and she wanted the Wii back so they could do that.  No big deal to us, we rarely used the Wii and it was theirs anyhow.   From what I understand, you can also stream movies through other gaming devices as well as a Roku box.
My sister and brother-in-law had used this Roku for the last several years with their Netflix service.  DH and I considered purchasing one of these devices several years back when we heard about it through my sister, but when I found out how much they cost, I decided I wanted a remodeled kitchen much more.  Let's face it, I am cheap!

So my sister mentioned to me on my last trip home that they no longer used their Roku as they were now using their XBox to stream movies through Netflix.  So I offered to buy their Roku from them, as our budget isn't as tight as it previously was.  She graciously offered it to us for nothing and brought it with her last weekend.  Dear Sister, we are enjoying our Roku.

It's changed our life.  Okay, not really, but it is so cool. 

And I should thank my Mom and Dad too.  In order to stream movies, you do have to have a wireless router, which they generously purchased for us.  Peanut is LOVING having "songs" {the Veggie Tale collection} at her fingertips.  And I have been able to intensify my home-body-ness even more.  I am kidding--sort of--I still plan to grocery shop and get limeades and go to the barbecue next weekend.

Seriously though, I am loving it.

In other news, the Peanut is up to her usual antics....

She can truly demolish a room in less than 2 minutes.  Because if having one toy out is fun, than having all toys out is the BEST!  DH and I have been addressing this.  We put toy "A" away if we want to play with toy "B."  Parenting is a work in progress, right?

She loves, loves, loves olives and has figured out that they fit perfectly on her fingers.  Mommy was so proud.  

Pigtails and tutus have a made a regular appearance lately and the pigtails are even staying in for about 90% of the day.  (They tend to start to fall out at the end of the day...)

And the rain here has finally subsided.  Rain back in Hometown was literally a daily occurrence....funny how living in a normally very dry climate for nearly eight months spoils you.  Hmmppph...

What's new at your house? 

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Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

We are going to attempt the Netflix through our Wii, I think. :D

Love how you did your daughter's hair! It is absolutely adorahle!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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