Tuesday, June 29

Works For Me Wednesday-Grocery Shopping Tip

Whenever we make a trip to HomeTown, I always make a big foraging run to my favorite (and cheap!) grocery store.  Their prices can't be beat (even more so here in SmallTown where everything is expensive) and they have a huge bulk section that is so nice.  I love it because when making those recipes that call for something you probably will only use for that recipe, you can get just what you need and not have to purchase a predetermined amount.

Anyhow, as I was sitting here going through my menu and making my grocery list, I thought my little method for doing these big trips might work for some else.  It's not like I've reinvented the wheel, but if this tip helps someone else out, then that's all the better.

Of course, I plan my menu first.  Then I go through what I already have on hand and determine my shopping list around that.  Now this is where my tip comes in: After I've made my grocery list of everything I need, I go back and rewrite the grocery list sorting by the departments in the grocery store in the order I usually shop.  Departments such as Produce, Bulk, Dairy/Meats, Freezer, and Aisles.  Plus, it is easier to read when I take the time to rewrite it.  And that is always a time saver.

When I am super organized like that (which isn't necessarily all that often) and when Peanut is left in the care of her grandparents (bless their hearts) my marathon grocery shopping trips aren't so marathony any longer.

And that definitely works for me.  For other helpful hints, visit We Are THAT Family.  


Anonymous said...

and when packing up the groceries, I ALWAYS bag by where they belong...spare refrigerator? main 'fridge?, freezer, pantry...all get bagged together. Makes unloading all that much easier!

~Monica~ said...

I always go through my list afterwards to see if I have coupons for anything and clip them to the front of my coupon file with a binder clip. I write COUP next to the item on the list so that I know I need to pay attention to prices and brands to see if a coupon is cheaper.

Kathy said...

I actually have done a grocery list by aisle of my usual grocery store. Getting it done takes time, but once it is done I print copies as needed. It stays on the fridge for anyone to circle what they notice we are missing or almost out of. It's so simple that were I sick, my hubby could go to the store and find what we need since each item is listed not only in its department, but each aisle number.

Kaye said...

I do this too and it is a SUPER time saver!

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

I do the same thing and find it not only saves me time at the store but also later. When I have everthing that I need to prepare a meal.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Great tip! I ended up sitting down one time and making a master grocery list on the computer according to aisle, so now I just print it off every time I go for major shopping and check the ones I need. :D Another option would be to laminate it or put it in a sheet protector and check off with a china marker (found at Michaels)

Thank you for sharing!

Annikke said...

Just like one of the other commenters I have a list I did on the computer based on the stores layout. I'm not sure all stores would have one, but ours had remodeled and were handing out little map kinda things. I took that and made one on the computer of things we usually buy based on where it can be found in the store. Then I hang it on the fridge and we can circle things as we run out, but this has helped tons. I can go down each aisle and I have circled items and throw em in the cart and on to the next aisle!

Johnlyn ~ Frugality and Homemaking said...

Another benefit I find when I re-write the items needed, I spend less time and money at the store because they are in my head.

I wish I would have stumbled across your tip years ago!

Eos Mom said...

I do a variation of this. I take my not-in-any-order grocery list and write letters in the left margin next to each item, such as L for left, R for right, M for middle, C for cold (stuff I'll grab last), P for produce. So when I'm on the left side of the store, I go down the list for all the Ls, in the produce I grab all the Ps etc. Works for me when I don't want to rewrite the whole list.


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