Sunday, November 8

There's No Need to Call

We had the most wonderful little surprise this weekend. Well, not little. It was actually quite big. And quite fabulous. The best, really.

It was about 2 pm on Friday. DH had to work the closing shift that evening so he was upstairs getting ready for work and I was feeding the Peanut her lunch. She had just woken from her nap. The doorbell rang. My neighbor and I had been talking about possibly meeting for coffee either that afternoon or some time this week, so I thought it was her. I peeked out the window to see if I could tell who it was, but I couldn't see anybody standing there, so I opened the door. Yeah, I know--smart, huh?

But guess who it was? I know.....the suspense must be killing you Mom and Dad! They had driven up from HomeTown! Words cannot even express how excited I was! (But my over use of exclamations can!) We had just talked the night before on the webcam and my Mom casually asked if we had any big plans for the weekend. Nope, not up here in NewTown. DH was off on Saturday and we had planned to go to Costco. (It's the only way I can get him to come "grocery shopping" with me.) But that was about it. Nothing too exciting.

Apparently my Mom and Dad had been planning this for several weeks. My Mom had juggled her work schedule to be able to have Friday off and my sister and uncle were checking in on my Mom and Dad's black lab. My Mom also brought groceries--homemade minestrone soup and crusty bread for Friday night and beef burgundy and fresh veggies for dinner on Saturday night. Plus cookies and pie for dessert. My mom is the consummate boy girl scout--she is always prepared. Her "excuse" was that if "they were going to crash our house for the weekend, they needed to at least make the meals easier." That was entirely gracious, but whatever! :) They can "crash" our home any time!

The Peanut also had a wonderful time. She was so worn out on Friday that she slept the whole night! (Yes, I spoke too soon several weeks ago, when I mentioned she had been sleeping so well. Isn't that always the case?) She was pretty much attached to Grandpa all weekend. If she wasn't in his lap, she was bringing him toys to hold. If she wasn't snuggled up next to him, she was patting his back. Yeah, she has him wrapped around her little finger.

The Peanut had some special moments with Grandma as well. Grandma was able to help feed the Peanut and she taught the Peanut how to "make soup" in the big stockpot. My Mom also helped give her a bath. The DH and I were definitely lowered on the Peanut's list of favorites this weekend. It was all about the Grandma and Grandpa--just as it should be! :)

Of course, it was over way too soon, but it was a wonderful weekend.


Lucy Marie said...

What a wonderful surprise. I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend.

Angel Reuther said...

Yeay!! How fun for all of you. What a special surprise.


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