Wednesday, November 4

The Upstairs

As promised, here is the upstairs. After much consideration, I've decided not to hang our curtains up here. As mentioned before, we are not planning on being here for too terribly long. Curtain rods are expensive (at least the kind I always seem to like) and we already have rods at our house in SmallTown. Plus if we are possibly able to buy a bigger house somewhere down the road, I don't want to worry about the rods fitting other windows. If we owned the place, it would be different. So for now, blinds it will be.

The landing at the top of the stairs. The bathroom is straight ahead and Peanut's room is to the left.

Here is the bathroom--I will be hanging some sort of curtain in here, but haven't figured how to do so. The molding is right next to the wall so I don't know where to attach the rod? Maybe inside the molding?

Here is Peanut's room. We still need to hang her letters that spell her name, but that requires the laser level and I am not willing to take that on. DH needs to help with that. Hopefully this weekend. Those will hang above the crib. High enough so she cannot reach them.

Notice the receiving blankets tied to the rail. Peanut likes to chew on it. :( Oh, and the red chair. This went in our family room previously. Her room is bigger than before (go figure) and I didn't want to store it in the garage, so it works in here for now. Need to find a slipcover/sheet so it matches a little better.

Peanut's room from the other side.

The master bedroom. I finally got all the pictures hung today. Those don't require the laser level. :)

So there you have it. Hopefully you get a better idea of our new digs in NewTown.


Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem with curtain rods. I found some in the hardware store, a form of curtain rod that is just a very long spring that you can slip a curtain on and attach to the inside of the window casing, it was going to be temporary and it works so well I have that in my bathroom still.

Lucy Marie said...

Looks great!

Carla said...

Very nice! Love the 2 closets in your room, and that's so great that the princess' room is a little bigger, that will be nice for when she gets a little older! It's so much fun to be able to see and picture you guys in your new home~thanks for sharing! Can't wait to come see it in person one of these days! ;) Cracking up at the blankets tied to her bed...does that prevent her from chewing on it? I guess my girls' cribs had a plastic guard but I don't remember them doing that much...probably because they were too happy to suck on fingers and binkies! :P

Audra said...

What a beautiful home! And that crib is just gorgeous!


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