Wednesday, November 18

Things I am Thankful For

As the Peanut is napping, I should be making my to do list of things I need to get done before we leave for Hometown for the holidays...however, I completely lack the motivation to do so. So I thought I would make a list of some things I am thankful for. These are not in any order of significance or anything like that...just some things I am so grateful to have~~

*Diet Coke and M&M's --a guilty pleasure of mine
A warm home to come home to
Visits from and being able to visit loved ones
Being able to stay home with the Peanut
Web cams
Google (maps, web, reader...the list could go on)
Novocain and nitrous oxide at the dentist office
Food on the table each meal
The freedom to worship and assemble
Drive thrus--the bank, for limeades, for prescriptions--you name it. So much easier with a baby.
Digital cameras
My Mom and Dad
Nap time
Being able to successfully breastfeed the Peanut. (Do you know how EXPENSIVE formula is?)
DH's days off from work.
Hearing the Peanut say "Baby." Oh so cute!
God's grace and forgiveness. Can I hear an amen?
Cell phones
Having known my mom's best friend. She was a special lady. We all miss her so.
A wonderful, loving husband--God knew what I needed.
Cordless Phones
Studded Tires
My old Bunco group...oh, I miss them.
DH's new job
Having health benefits
Being an American
My health and my families health

My list could go on and on. I know for myself, I take so much for granted. Like running water and washing machines. Praise God! There was a reason I wasn't born in 1850 in a covered wagon. I wouldn't have survived! So much of what we have are luxuries in other places and I try to be thankful every day, but I know I am not nearly as grateful as I could be. The Thanksgiving season is a wonderful reminder for me to remember that each day is such a blessing.

*Just for the record--that must sound contradictory, but I don't drink diet because it's "diet." I simply prefer the taste over regular.

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Lucy Marie said...

Thanks, friend. This was a very encouraging list that caused me to reflect on what I am thankful for.


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