Saturday, November 14

Daddy is Pretty Funny

I asked DH the other night to take some pictures of the Peanut. I just thought she looked so cute in the little outfit I put together. You know leggings are back, right? Maybe for the Peanut, but I wore those the first time around and I am still coming to grips with the fact that I have been alive long enough to have seen certain fashions come back again. I remember my mom saying to me, "We used to wear that." I never thought I would see the day come when leggings and skinny jeans were en vogue once again. Hopefully scrunchies don't make a reappearance.... Anyway, I am way off the subject.

The Peanut had this little knit dress that fits, and now that she is walking (which helps when wearing dress--as opposed to crawling), but it is a little chilly to be wearing. So I found these little leggings in her dresser and this little onesie to go underneath. I just thought it was cute.

The DH always gets such good pictures of the Peanut. I mean, it takes me practically 75 shots to get about three good pictures. He took maybe 30 and got all of these. He can really get her to laugh....

I guess I should probably explain these next two. :) Grandpa taught her that when she "pinches" his nose that it says "beep, beep." So, she has started "pinching" her nose and making her nose beep. Which, when she says it, comes out as, "Me, Me." It is so funny. At least we think so. :)

What will she amuse us with next?

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